Draw for Round One of the League - 13 April, 2013
Gala 1 - Redditch Gala 2 - Nuneaton Gala 3 - Walsall Gala 4 - Halesowen
G1L1 1 Wyre Forest G2L1 Leicester Penguins** G3L1 Bilston** G4L1 Chase
G1L2 2 Redditch** G2L2 Northampton A G3L2 City of Hereford G4L2 City of Coventry
G1L3 3 Solihull G2L3 Stratford Sharks G3L3 Braunstone G4L3 Northgate
G1L4 4 Stafford Apex G2L4 Stourbridge A G3L4 Nuneaton & Bedworth G4L4 Kingsbutry Aquarius A
G1L5 5 Pershore G2L5 Leicester Shgarks A G3L5 Leamington Spa G4L5 Boldmere A
G1L6 6 Worcester A G2L6 Cannock Phoenix G3L6 Oldbury G4L6 Halesowen**
Gala 1 - Leamington Spa Gala 2 - Wyndley Gala 3 - Stechford Gala 4 - Stafford
G1L1 1 Worcester B** G2L1 Northampton B G3L1 Market Harborough** G4L1 Lichfield**
G1L2 2 Blythe Barracudas A G2L2 Perry Beeches & SSS** G3L2 Broadway G4L2 Rugby
G1L3 3 Wombourne G2L3 Walsall G3L3 Dove Valley G4L3 Burntwood
G1L4 4 Cheadle G2L4 Coalville G3L4 Shrewsbury G4L4 Hinckley
G1L5 5 Boldmere B G2L5 Leicester Sharks B G3L5 Droitwicvh Dolphins G4L5 Haden Hill
G1L6 6 Orion G2L6 Oswestry Otters G3L6 Wellington A G4L6 Welshpool Sharks
Gala 1 - Cheslyn Hay Gala 2 - Worcester Gala 3 - Tamworth
G1L1 1 Fox Hollies** G2L1 Oakengates** G3L1 Boldmere C
G1L2 2 Camp Hill G2L2 Newport G3L2 Kingsbury Aquarius B
G1L3 3 Stourbridge B G2L3 Warley Wasps G3L3 Evesham
G1L4 4 Bromsgrove G2L4 Wellington B G3L4 Tamworth**
G1L5 5 The Court G2L5 Blythe Barracudas B G3L5 Wolverhampton Masters
G1L6 6 G2L6 G3L6
**  Organising Club Leamington Spa and Worcester galas, 6.15 pm warm-up for 6.45 pm start
All other galas are 6.00 pm warm-up for 6.30 pm start